If Democrats Want To Win Midterms, They Need Candidates Who Are … DEMOCRATS

140226-F-XH297-660As I sit here somewhat (but not really) surprised that the Associated Press has projected Nikki Haley will win a second term in the South Carolina governor’s office, I’m starting to feel my blood boil just a little.  Let’s see … between the

* Department of Revenue identity faux pas, exposing the identities MILLIONS of South Carolinians to fraud

* poor handling of child abuse (and death!!!) and neglect under state DSS supervision

* essentially TREASONOUS refusal to recognize a federal court ruling trumping the state’s constitution with something called the “U.S. Constitution..”

* FALSE and inflated promise of jobs (Amazon.com, Startek are a couple that come to mind) DESPITE Haley and the state giving them a TON in tax breaks that the state’s coffers will now never see and will likely benefit far less than anticipated because of those “job creators’ ” falling sort of promise …

* Haley’s “pay for play” campaign donation scandal benefiting a governor who ran on a “political reform” platform, no less…

* Her governing over a state with one of the highest percentage of uninsured citizens, yet she refused to accept FREE Medicaid expansion dollars (that are just going to other states now)

You’ll have to explain her re-election to me, ’cause a paper bag puppet should’ve blown the doors off of her.  Actually, this result isn’t as surprising as I make it out to be, for two glaring reasons:

1. She had an (R) by her name and that’s “enough” for far too many pre-programmed Southerners.

2. Sheheen ran more like a Republican than the independent Republican (Tom Irvin) did, and that likely failed to electrify enough of the base to make him a serious challenger, particularly without a Presidential race also on the ticket.  He had his chance, but passed on marriage equality.  Do the math: if 10% of the state’s 4.6 million residents are gay, that’s 460,000 South Carolinians who, you’d think would have just cause to rally to his support.  If only half of them are registered voters and half of THEM showed up, that’s over 115,000 votes; likely more than enough to carry Sheheen to victory.

The bottom line is this: Haley wasn’t even popular with REPUBLICANS in this state, and yet Vincent Sheheen couldn’t take advantage of that.  And I’m sorry, but he has no one to blame but himself for that shortcoming.

The same story is unfolding all across the country … in Kentucky, Mitch McConnell has to PAY people to be his friends at rallies, and yet he’s re-elected to the U.S. freaking Senate!!!  He’s one of the 101 most powerful people in the NATION, and he has to pay people to show up to his rallies.  Let that sink in.  A Democratic challenger, Alison Lundergan Grimes, frankly BLEW it when she couldn’t show she had the stones to say “yes, I voted for Barack Obama, the leader of my party, when he ran for re-election in 2012.”  Why’s that a condemnation?  And who does she think she’s fooling by not divulging that near-certain fact?

Why would a “staunch” Democrat in Kentucky WANT to vote for her?  I mean, OTHER than “she’s not Mitch McConnell.”  News flash: Democrat voters ARE proud to BE Democrats, and tend to back folks who ARE unabashed Democrats, too.  Wooing the “Clinton Republican” that hardly exists?  Foolish.  And costly, as we’re learning tonight.

If you’re gonna run as a Democrat, and barrage Democrats’ inboxes with pleas for money, and seek Democratic party support and campaign funding …

… BE a freaking Democrat.  Or find or create a party that best suits what you are: an opportunist looking for a spotlight and a title.


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