TV Talk: “Glee” tribute to Monteith Disappoints

GleeAlright, I’m ready to talk about ‘Glee’s’ tribute episode. (note: spoilers abound) First off, it WAS difficult and emotional. Nearly lost it when Kurt wrapped himself up in Finn’s letterman jacket and wept. Nearly lost it when Finn’s mother had her meltdown. Nearly lost it when Rachel had to sing. And when Sue finally copped to being so mean to a “really good kid.”

But as touching as all that was, there were some horribly written scenes with some even worse acting to amplify the bad lines. Puck & Coach Beast’s locker room scene was uncomfortable to watch. Dot Jones has been so much better than that. Maybe it was the dialogue. Santana’s involvement, too, was awkward and much of what she said was unnecessary. In fact, I can’t help but wonder if her and Sue’s focus on Finn’s body image may have inadvertently played a role in Monteith’s substance abuse problems. And while we’re on Sue, the scene with her and Santana making nice left too much unsaid, still. Sue believed there were no lessons to learn from her experience with Finn, but there IS! “Don’t be so damned mean to ‘a really good kid’ if he/she doesn’t deserve it” is the lesson. “We aren’t guaranteed any other day but today to better our relationships with those we truly believe are ‘really good’ people” is another.

And the ending … could it have been ANY more “gay” than for Mr. Shue to have all along had Finn’s stolen letterman jacket in his satchel so he could have his own private moment to mourn? The writers should’ve instead focused on the rift between he and Finn, and the regret of not better mending that fence.

Last night’s episode had it’s “highs” and it’s “awfully lows” and I came away feeling that the “awfully lows” robbed “GLee” fans of a proper moment to mourn in earnest.

Your thoughts?


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