South Carolina Republicans Willing to Spend Millions To Disavow ‘Obamacare,’ While Claiming to still be Fiscally Responsible

SCflagThe (ahem) “fiscally responsible” Tea Party-laden South Carolina legislature is up to it, again; first, they took a pass on Medicaid expansion – despite it being “in the best economic interests of states to expand Medicaid under the terms of the federal Affordable Care Act,” according to a study done by the RAND corporation, a non-profit think tank…. despite their determining that “these states will still be subject to the taxes, fees and other revenue provisions of the Affordable Care Act, without reaping the benefit of the additional federal spending which will costs those states economically.”

Now, they’re also prepared to spend untold millions in court to defend their passing a law nullifying The Affordable Care Act (aka ‘Obamacare’).  The bill’s already passed in the State House, and is in the State Senate now, having until the end of business today to wrap up their session.  That being said, Governor Nikki Haley, never one to miss an opportunity to grand-stand, actually hasn’t indicated whether she’d sign the bill or not.      From ‘The State’ (Columbia, SC):

A proposed bill, on special order in the state Senate, would allow the state attorney general to take businesses, including health insurers, to court if he “has reasonable cause to believe” they are harming people by implementing the law. The bill already has passed the House.


If it passes, the bill could push South Carolina to the forefront of Obamacare resistance, giving the state’s Republican leaders a national stage. It also could push South Carolina into yet another costly legal battle in the federal courts that, critics say, is unnecessary and avoidable.


“It is going to get us in court, as we all know. But … it is worth the risk to see if we can protect our state from this far-reaching federal legislation,” state Sen. Kevin Bryant, R-Anderson, one of the lawmakers pushing for the Senate to pass the bill this week before it adjourns for the year.

In other words, “this is gonna cost the South Carolina taxpayers millions more not to implement because we’re making a political statement that’ll have us fighting in court whether federal law trumps state law (which we all know is futile), but what the hell, right?”

That’s the SC GOP’s brand of “fiscal responsibility,” folks.  We’ll keep you posted.


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