Ann Coulter Insults Sean Hannity on his show; Only He Didn’t Catch it

CoulterAmerica’s most loathsome conservative pundit (and that’s saying something) – Ann Coulter – appeared on Sean’s “Hannity” Fox News show Monday night, and didn’t fail to live up to her reputation for spewing venomous snark.  However this time, she managed to insult Hannity, and Bill O’Reilly, too, for that matter.  How, you ask?

“Our immigration policy has nothing to do with helping America,” Coulter said. “It has to do with solving the internal problems of other countries.”

Well that might come as quite the surprise to ANY Irish-American who can trace their genealogy to ancestry fleeing the infamous potato famine that brought many “huddled masses” from the Emerald Isle last century.  You know, like Sean, or Bill O.

Of course, that takes some A-B-C thinking; some depth.  Naturally Sean didn’t catch it, and I’m guessing Bill didn’t either, because it hasn’t come up on his show.

Of course, she was on for over seven minutes, so that wasn’t the only insult she managed to hurl.  She also made let her xenophobia show by stating she believed the widow of the  alleged older bomber should be jailed for wearing a “hijab,” or traditional head covering worn by many Muslim women.

Of course the chief premise of her being on “Hannity” was to join in on the right-wing’s orchestrated effort to slow and/or derail immigration reform, despite both Tarnaev brothers being here legally – one a citizen, the other in the process of gaining citizenship.  Watch the segment in it’s entirety if you can stomach it.


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