Bill Maher Laughs Off North Korea “Threat;” Worries More About America’s Appetite For War

BillMaherFrom last Friday’s “Real Time With Bill Maher,” his final “new rule” was a doozie!

“I am not worried about him. But I do worry about America’s military industrial complex using any excuse to ramp up the war machine again. Be careful Mr. Kim. I know threatening the US is fun, but the reason it could bite you in the ass is with Afghanistan winding down America is now dangerously close to not having a war….

Come on. We are the war people. We don’t need a lot of encouragement…offering to go to war with the U.S. is like offering to go out for drinks with Lindsay Lohan.  We’re already IN the car!”

Preemptive war, just war, wars of choice, wars of liberation, drug wars, wars we put on the credit card, anything with war in the title we are so there. We fought Mexico steal Texas, Spain to steal the Philippines, and the Indians because no one had invented Iraq yet. … Just in my lifetime, we have invaded Vietnam, Cambodia, the Dominican Republic, Grenada, Panama, Bosnia, Iraq, Afghanistan, and Iraq again. That’s when you know you are war mongers when some countries are coming up twice. …

However if you type “wars involving the US” into Wikipedia, the list is 32 pages long. At some point don’t you have to look in the mirror and say maybe it’s me? …

America needs to start defining peace as strength. …

You know who the role model for every president should be? Jimmy Carter. Because he is the one out of all of them who figured out how to sit in office for four years and never fire a shot.”

Maybe it’s my native Georgia roots showing, but I, for one, am GLAD folks are starting to speak up for Jimmy Carter’s presidency – an era of peace.  Since his presidency, what’s Carter been up to?  Fostering peace throughout the world whenever called upon.

Fast-forward to now; we’ve drawn ourselves out of Iraq and are in the process of doing so in Afghanistan.  So what’s the sound we hear off to the right, in the distance?  The drumbeats of war from the Senator John McCains of the world (and you’d think he’d have precious insight into sending young people off to wars of choice, right?); Iran needs an ass-whoopin’ and North Korea’s showing their ass, too.  Right on cue, as the American people have finally figured out that our Pentagon spending is out of control.  Hey, you brought this on yourselves, war-hawks; because you were deficit-hawks, too, and Americans may not do well in math in school, but even an idiot can see that spending as much as the next fourteen military powers combined (twelve of which are allies) – is bad math.


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