TV Bites: MTV cancels ‘Buckwhild’ while NBC sabotages ‘Smash?’

ShainTuesday afternoon, MTV announced it was cancelling it’s rural reality series, “Buckwild,” on the heels of Shain Gandee’s death on April 1st.  He was found in his vehicle, along with his uncle and a friend, while going “mudding” in West Virginia, dead from an apparent carbon monoxide poisoning after the Ford Ranger’s tailpipe becoming covered with mud when the vehicle slid into a ravine.  MTV was actually midway through filming the show’s second season, but opted to scrap their work after Gandee’s passing.

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Sources inside NBC’s halls say Alec Baldwin’s been in talks to join the network’s late-night lineup.  It’s been well-chronicled that the peacock execs want to move Jimmy Fallen into Jay Lenos’ “Tonight Show” lineup in 2014 onc, and with rumors surfacing that “Saturday Night Live’s” Seth Meyers being Fallon’s replacement, the focus has been on Carson Daly’s “Last Call.”

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Staying with NBC, “Smash” got moved to the ‘kiss of death’ slot: Saturday, 9pm, last week.  I finally got around to it on the DVR but couldn’t help but notice there were no clips from next week’s episode at the end of the show (as is normally the case).  I’m pretty certain this show is a ‘dead show walking,’ no matter what that absence means, but I at least hope they tie up loose ends in the show’s storylines before dropping the Broadway-based drama altogether.  I’m still not done being peeved with NBC for ending “The Event” at such a cliff-hanging finale.  The least they could’ve done was moved the show to their Syfy Channel and continued on; but NoOoOoOo…


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