Remember when Thursday Night Was “Must See TV?”

TVGrowing up, Thursday night was THE night for primetime television EPIC-ness.  The Cosby Show … Cheers … Seinfeld … The Simpsons (back in ‘the day,’ that was their day on FOX) … Night Court … LA Law … Simon & Simon … Hotel … Tour of Duty (was I the only one who watched that?  My buddy Kristian Spivey and I were big fans of that Vietnam-era drama) …

…the point I’m getting at is, “what happened to Thursday night television?”  Does Idol/X-Factor and Two & A Half Men and Greys Anatomy and 30 Rock and Glee and The Office, Parks & Rec, etc., stack up to the shows that used to grace Thursday night’s primetime grid?

Most nights each week I have shows the DVR will catch for me that I can’t WAIT to watch when I come home; tonight, it’s Two & A Half Men and Glee, and I’ve lost a lot of excitement about both, quite frankly.  Am I missing out on a show I need to get into?  Don’t even try with Hell’s Kitchen, though …


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